Recently the Guardian has published an article reporting of the deaths caused by asbestos, which the journalist labelled as ‘the industrial disease’. This article aims to highlight the fact that asbestos is still having an incredibly lethal impact even in the modern day, a decade since the use of any asbestos was banned in the UK. They state that last year “There were 2,709 “deaths by industrial disease” recorded by coroners in England and Wales […] a 44% rise on the 1,878 recorded in 1995, the earliest available figure.”, which is such a large increase and conveys just how important it is for asbestos removal services to take place. Furthermore, we know that the number of fatalities has been increasing recently as the number jumped from 2,523 in 2017 to the 2,709 in 2018 and at BlueSky, we aim to ensure that this number drops by removing the source of the problem, the asbestos as soon as possible. The great thing about the article is that it addresses the harsh reality of being affected by asbestos; not many people know of its dangers and if they do, they tend to not act on it because they don’t believe that they would ever be at risk, however as the article goes on to explain, even if you have never worked around asbestos, you can still be affected.

In order to explain the severity & the devastation of being diagnosed with a disease directly caused by asbestos, the article featured the stories of 2 households and we feel for both of them.

Mavis & Ray Nye are the first household that are discussed and unfortunately it was Mavis that was diagnosed with cancer 50 years after coming in contact with asbestos. While many will assume that it was a result of her working with or around air-born asbestos however it is believed to have been due to her husband, Ray, returning home with what she assumed was dust (but was in fact asbestos) over his overalls. This is an incredibly unfortunate circumstance, and deeply upsetting especially when Ray describes how he feels “Gutted, destroyed, sick and […] guilty.” That he contributed to the reason why she was diagnosed with cancer in 2009 due to asbestos.

The second story is from another household, John Chapman despite being fit and healthy even preparing for Mallorca 312, had to pull out due to problems with his lungs which prohibited him from training due to the pain it was causing. Upon further investigation with a lung specialist, it turned out that John had been affected by the asbestos that he had worked around for 10 years in a foundry, and thus he was diagnosed at the age of 54 years old. Although having outlived everyone’s expectations, John aged 57 years old is facing pain every single day, as he only has “a fifth of his lung capacity in his left lung and a bone tumour the size of an Easter egg”.

While John receives care from a nurse, who adjusts the amount of medication in order to help relieve the pain that he’s in, both himself and Mavis are upset and frustrated by the fact that they were exposed to asbestos in the first place- especially since it is an incredibly dangerous material. We completely agree, which is why we are striving to make people aware of the risk’s asbestos, how easy it is to be affected by it and the fact that it still remains a relevant, impactful today. We want to prevent situations like those that happened for John and Mavis, from re-occurring in the future as at the minute, it was incredibly likely that anyone working or living around asbestos in 2019, for them to contract an asbestos-related disease in time.

If you are unsure on whether you are living or working in an asbestos-free environment, then please do contact us so that we can help you. It is better to reach for help if you have any doubts about your safety as your wellbeing comes first. Help us to keep you and others safe from a future of pain and suffering by employing our asbestos removal services that we deliver across England.


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