Even in a Heatwave, Asbestos Removal is Still Essential


This week has been a record-breaking heatwave for the UK! We hope that you’ve been keeping cool and having fun in the sun.

While it has been extremely hot, just remember that it is of the up-most importance to stay safe. Asbestos fibers although being soft and flexible are heat resistant, which means that they are still a danger even if us ‘Brits’ aren’t used to this high temperature. These fibers enter your system when you inhale and, in this weather, when it is so hot, we tend to over-heat and have heavier breathing so just be far more aware of your environment and ensuring that it is a safe place. When inhaled, these asbestos fibers can contribute to a host of asbestos-related diseases that mainly consist of chest and lung cancer.

Asbestos can be like a silent killer and is still a cause of death in the present day, which is why we want you to take advantage of our cost-effective asbestos removal skills now! We work across the UK, specifically in areas around Cambridge, Bedford, Leicester, Kettering, Peterborough & Coventry.

If you live somewhere outside of these regions, then definitely give us a call on 07870 549014 and we can see if we can reach you. Alternatively you can always drop us a message in the box below and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.