Asbestos Contaminated Land Reclamation

BlueSky Group is able to identify land that is contaminated and work towards restoration and reclamation of that land to make sure it is contamination free

Ground Breaking Techniques

Our Methods

BlueSky Asbestos have many options on offer when it comes to contaminated land remediation. With our extensive contaminated land contracting experience, we can provide solutions that include a variety of techniques that have been proven across many different sites.  This means that you will benefit from our experience and we will provide you with the best solution for your contaminated land.e.

Reassurance Monitoring

Reassurance Monitoring is carried out to give reassurance that the area is safe for occupation following certain events:

  • If non-licensable asbestos has been removed, Reassurance Monitoring is run to ensure no asbestos fibres remain in the former work area.
  • Following a breach in an asbestos enclosure and the subsequent clean up, Reassurance Monitoring is required to demonstrate that the area is safe to re-enter.
  • Following the discovery of damaged asbestos in an area and the subsequent remedial actions, Reassurance Monitoring is required to demonstrate that the remedial actions are sufficient until the damage can be fully dealt with by licensed contractors.